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Marc Hufnagl Legacy

Presenting the Marc Hufnagl Legacy (Verein/Organization):

This is a small team of five, devoted to cultural organization, inspired by our commitment to the conservation, care and further promoting Marc Hufnagl’s music.. Our core commitments in keeping Marc's creative vision and meaningful music alive are:

- Offering an annual Artist in Residency: a one-month living and creation opportunity for one artist, annually in summer, in Lunden, Prättigau (Graubünden Alps) Switzerland.

- Organizing and promoting the yearly Folk, Rock & Dance Burg-Festival in Putz/Luzein, Prättigau/Switzerland, among other concert-promotion plans.

- Releasing occasional lyric-videos to Marc Hufnagl's recorded songs, preserving and further sharing Marc's brilliant, poetic and heartfelt music.

- Accepting Sponsors and Contributors into the Marc Hufnagl Legacy, who will kindly help support the funding of these musical endeavors. 

- Growing the Marc Hufnagl Legacy with a paid Membership opportunity which benefits Members with gift-premiums, such as concert tickets and more. Contributions and MHL Memberships may be paid for with credit card, or by e-Banking/IBAN transfer: IBAN: CH06 0077 4010 4557 4510 0

About Marc Hufnagl (b. 1951 - d. 2021)

Marc Hufnagl, a musician from Lunden, Switzerland via Oakland, California, wrote and performed rich, beautiful songs filled with unique intimacy. Marc’s music evoked the spirit of 1970s Laurel Canyon (California), with his poetic songs of our universal experience. Marc, a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, combined rich sonic textures via alternate guitar tunings paired with his lush vocal delivery of his deep-reaching lyrics. Marc released two, full-length albums, “The Language of Snow”, and “Lunden”. 


Marc Hufnagl taught upper school English at Harker School in San Jose, California from 2001 until 2016, when he retired and moved to Switzerland with his husband, Juerg. From that time on, Marc focused fully on his music, his family and dog, Nico, and living in nature.


Marc Hufnagl passed away at his home in Switzerland on July 3, 2021, after a brave battle with cancer. 

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